Who is drew rosenhaus dating

02-Jan-2017 05:56

Agent Drew Rosenhuas and wife Lisa Thomson went through a very public rough patch back in January when a photo of the realty agent partying with noted lothario Dan Bilzerian went viral.

The Miami Herald reported Rosenhaus filed for divorce after kicking her out of their Miami Beach home. Thomson shared this photo of the couple out on a romantic date last night. It’s hard to tell if the apparent reconciliation has anything to do with Jason Mc Intyre’s public plea to work things out, which appeared on this website in mid-January.

As a kid, Rosenhaus was a fan of the Miami Dolphins and attended home games and practices.

His company operates under the name Rosenhaus Sports Representation (RSR).

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In addition to this, he's also made an inordinate amount of public appearances for someone in his normally someone secluded profession.

Rosenhaus was born on October 29, 1966, in South Orange, New Jersey.

Four years later his family moved to North Miami, Florida.

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In 2012, Rosenhaus and his brother Jason were accused of breach of contract and fraud by suspended employee Daniel F.

Mc Daniel did pay Rosenhaus for his work on the Dolphins contract, and some of his fee for his first Seattle contract. Not much: Mc Daniel, the paperwork shows, did send a ,000 check to Rosenhaus last year, but he was way short.

With Mc Daniel going to Tampa Bay then back to Seattle, the fees have piled up, and Mc Daniel has been unreachable, according to the paperwork.

But the question -- did the pics trigger the war at home?? One source connected to the couple says Drew was pissed about the photos (taken roughly 1 month ago) -- and went off on his wife for putting her ass on display like a Spring Break party chick.

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Drew and Lisa Thomson got into a heated verbal altercation at their Miami home Sunday night -- with the police responding to the scene to cool things down.Martoe in an arbitration filing with the National Football League Players Association.

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