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11-Jun-2016 00:27

This month, dating site Match released a study based on a survey it conducted among one thousand of its users to determine how positive and negative thinking affect the dating experience.

Not surprisingly, especially with this election year, nearly 80% of Match members feel the country has become MORE negative over the last 4 years and more than half of Match members have broken up with someone because they were too negative or pessimistic.

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Online Dating | Traditional Dating Let’s start with the good news, shall we?

With the loss of nonverbal cues, online interactions compensate by often involving high levels of personal disclosure.

So while people gain the ability to communicate with anyone at any time, they lose the richness that is inherent to face-to-face communication.

For example, Walther’s (2006) hyperpersonal framework suggests that self-presentation online is much more prone to manipulation than face-to-face interaction.

Therefore, it stands to reason that there is more suspicion of deception but also more allowances for selective self-presentation. " I am encouraging you to eat (positive) But if I say "Do not eat!

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